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Focal Tech's Gateway Protection

Our consolidated architecture enables our customers to deploy fully integrated security technologies in a single device, delivering increased performance, improved protection, and reduced costs.

Purpose-built hardware and software provide the high performance and complete content protection our customers need to stay abreast of a constantly evolving threat landscape.

Fortinet delivers unified threat management and specialized security solutions that block today’s sophisticated threats.

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Our customers rely on Fortinet to protect their constantly evolving networks in every industry and region in the world. They deploy a robust defense-in-depth strategy that improves their security posture, simplifies their security infrastructure, and reduces their overall cost of ownership.

  • Market leader and pioneer
  • Unmatched performance and protection
  • The new standard in network security
  • Integrated, consolidated security
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Complete content protection
  • Consolidated security for large enterprises and service providers
  • High performance + very low latency
  • Identity-based application control
  • Low TCO, High performance
  • Most third-party certifications of any vendor
  • 100% internally developed security technology
  • Global real-time protection with FortiGuard Labs threat research and FortiCare support teams
  • Real Time Network Protection

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