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Focal Tech, Inc.

Since 2001, Focal Tech has been the premium provider of computer IT and web site e-Business services in Central Pennsylvania.

We haven’t just “hired” staff; we have carefully chosen them for their professional experience and knowledge in the areas of custom business software and database development, web design, on-site IT service planning and support, e-commerce web site design and maintenance, data protection and security, telephone IT support, and web site monitoring and services, among others.

We really love what we do, which means we go the extra mile for you. We want you to be successful; it helps you and it also helps us. We are constantly searching for the newest, smartest technologies so we can bring them to you. No one provides more individual, person-to-person support than we do.

Our customers, located in 44 states, cover a wide range of industries, including construction, travel, manufacturing, universities, financial, publishing, retail, engineering, law, government, food service, health care, automotive, schools, libraries, municipalities, and many more.

Focal Tech . . . focusing on your technology.


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  • The ultimate school lunch software package!

  • A comprehensive school check in system for visitors, staff and students.

Our commitment to quality, value and customer service provides the right mix for a successful project and satisfied customer.
Our customers trust us to give them the best technological solutions.