Bigler road closing (Valid From 7/18/2015 to 8/18/2015)
Due to the Closure of Bigler Rd between McKean to Pollock, The computer building, Millennium science complex and Nittany Apartments stops will be closed until further notice. We advise patrons using the computer building stop to use the natatorium stop instead. For Patrons using the Millennium science complex stop # 55 please use College and Heister stop # 52. Buses originally servicing Bigler Rd will go straight then turn Right on University Drive then right on the ramp toward College Avenue where normal routing will be resumed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Boalsburg / Bigler Rd detour. (Valid From 7/20/2015 to 8/20/2015)
Due to the construction on Bigler Rd, the Boalsburg bus will run the following detour: Left from University Dr on to Curtain Rd and service East Halls. Then Right on Bigler Rd, Right on Park Ave, Right onto University, then Right on Ramp toward College Ave and then resume normal routing. We suggest that patrons use East halls bus stop instead of the Computer building, and for patrons servicing Millennium science complex and the White building to use the College and Heister stop. Sorry for any Inconvenience.